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  1. HI Suzie, I like the look of your blog. It's very informative and visually appealing:) I have a question, are you based in Sydney and do you have a home school network? Are you worried about your children social skill when they are homeschool? I'm tossing between homeschooling and mainstream schooling system for my two boys so any info will be useful:) Thanks heaps

    1. Hi Luvena, I don't live in Sydney but know of a very large homeschooling community in that area. I am not at all worried about socialisation as my children are active members of our homeschool group and our local community. One of the biggest misconceptions with homeschooling is socialisation as many people believe that children need to be in a classroom or playground with children their own age in order to learn social skills. This is not the case. Being able to interact in a respectful, social manner with people of different age groups and nationalities is not taught in a playground and rarely modelled in a classroom. There are many opportunities for social interaction within ones own community such as the library, the shopping centre, the playgrounds, the restaurants, within your own neighborhood and family. Children learn by example so having a role model, such as a parent, who can show them appropriate and respectful ways how to interact with each other is better then what any playground environment can teach them. You can contact me via email if you would like some more information about homeschool groups in your local area.

  2. We really enjoyed your website!

  3. Hi Suzie
    Do you know if I am travelling Australia for up to 2 years and homeschooling my 8 yr old daughter if I register with NSW Board of Studies ? If not where do I go?

  4. Hi, I was wondering how long does it take on average to be contact by the board after an application is sent in? Thank-you!!