Monday, 15 June 2015

Why camping is necessary for kids (and parents)

I have always loved camping especially when I was a child. The unknown adventure, the freedom and the endless learning possibilities that camping in nature offers us is truly priceless. So to give my children the same opportunities that I had as a child, we are making the most of this dry season by camping every chance we get. We have been camping a few times now at Kakadu National Park and on our recent trip, this past weekend, I got thinking about why camping is necessary for my kids and us as a family.

Our lives are busy and full of distractions from things such as television, Internet, ipads and phones to work comments, study and more. Kids can be just as busy and distracted so by unplugging and getting away from these distractions, allows us to reconnect with each other as a family, reconnect with nature and really de-stress from our hectic life. 

With camping comes a freedom to be spontaneous, a freedom to shout and be loud, a freedom to get dirty, really dirty, a freedom to explore and play. This freedom is only found in the outdoors. 

When children are camping they're not constraint by walls or a fenced backyard or a constructed playground, but they instead have an open space to run and explore with no limits or restrictions letting their imaginations run wild and free. There are no need for shelves of toys or learning resources as nature provides the most authentic learning environment for children as they go about exploring and engaging with nature.

Good Health
Being outdoors and surrounded by nature is so good for children's health. Camping under the open skies with the fresh air, grass, trees, mud and dirt is not only good for our healthy but also our soul. Having endless hours of play, of exploring and letting your imagination be your guide is exactly what camping is all about.  

Camping will create wonderful childhood memories that will last a life time. My own childhood memories of camping with my family, exploring and having different adventures are still some of my most cherished memories.

Nature Experience
Although nature tables and nature walks are a major part of our learning, camping in nature is the ultimate nature experience. Camping under the wide open skies and stargazing, watching the sun rise and  chasing butterflies, finding bugs and grubs, searching for birds and watching them fly, building a campfire together, toasting marshmallows.....the list is endless as the opportunities are plenty.

The great thing about camping is that it is an affordable holiday (cheaper than hotels) for most families and the experiences you gain no amount of money would be able to buy. When is your next camping trip planned? 

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  1. Thank you sooo very much for leaving some comment love on my blog dear Suzie!! Sooo wonderful, and you're an Aussie too!! YAY!!
    Your camping trip looks totally AMAZING!! WOW to be in Summer land, I love that star picture, AWESOME!!
    Totally joining your followers!!
    Smiles and happy homeschooling
    Sharnee :)

    1. I've been following your blog for awhile now as I love to see what other Aussie homeschoolers are doing and the adventures they get up to.Yes we live in Summer land where is it nice and warm during the dry season and sweltering hot during the build-up and wet season. Thank you!! The stars in the outback are just incredible.

  2. good review. It’s a very useful post. I love this post, really enjoy when people understand how important outdoor family time is. I totally agree with you that it teaches children hard work equals good results. Lovely post.