Saturday, 21 February 2015

Hands-on Resources for learning about Frogs

We are really living and learning using The Nature Curriculum this year and I can honestly say, it's really working well for my children. We have been raising and observing the life cycle of frogs after being given some tadpoles as well as having a visit from adult frogs who laid more eggs for us. While we have been watching this life cycle take place, we have also been using a range of other learning resources to support our learning about frogs.

Interest Shelf
If you've been reading my blog for awhile now you'd know that we love using an interest shelf for our learning resources. By doing this, my children have a place to keep their resources within reach and helps them be independent learners. We have used the Life Cycle of a Frog poster as our visual prop to encourage an interest in frogs.

Anatomy of Frogs 
To help us learn more about the anatomy of frogs, I purchased the 4D Vision Frog Anatomy Model from Mad About Science and on Amazon. The model came with instructions and a diagram so we were able to see what each part of the frogs body was called including it's internal organs.

For my daughter's who are much younger, I downloaded these FREE printable nomenclature cards for them to learn about parts of a frog too.

Types of Frogs
I had previously purchased the Safari Frog & Turtles toob when we were learning about turtles. I used some images from google to make these nomenclature cards. This sparked curiosity in my children as they wanted to find out more about different types of frogs. 

Ipad Apps
To help identify different types of frogs and learn more about the frogs in our local area, we downloaded two FREE apps, the Field Guide to Northern Territory Fauna and Frogs Field Guide. Both these apps were made by the Australian Museum. We also used two other FREE ipad apps called Life Cycles for Kids and A Life Cycle app to learn about the life cycle of frogs.

Together with the different apps, we have used a range of different types of books to learn more about frogs. Some of the books we have used for our learning include:

Life Cycle Nomenclature Cards
I purchased the Life Cycle of a Frog figurines when we were first learning about the life cycle of frogs. I made our own life cycle of a frog nomenclature cards from our observation of the frog life cycle

You can download my FREE printable Nomenclature Frog Life Cycle cards by clicking on the link. 

Habitat of Frogs and Sensory Play 
Before we got our tadpoles, we talked about frog habitats and decided to build our own little sensory play habitat to play with. We had some rocks left over from when we had goldfish so we used them and rocks from our garden to create the habitat. We talked about how frogs lay their eggs in still water and how once they grow legs they live on land.

When the weather got colder and the interest in frogs continued, we put together an indoor sensory play frog habitat. We used our little frog figurines and gems for water.

You can find more resources and activity ideas about frogs and other animals from my Life Cycle - Science pinterest board. Be sure to follow me on facebook to get updates on our frogs.

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  1. oh my goodness! You have the coolest resources! Love that frog model!

  2. oh my goodness! You have the coolest resources! Love that frog model!

  3. Amazing resources... frogs are cute! Except the other week we were sitting outside a cafe and something slimy went on my foot! It was a little frog! Eep!

  4. That's pull-apart frog model is fantastic! I love the frog pond too for play :)

  5. I would love a link to the cards you made that work with the Toob. Pleeeese!!!