Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Exploring the 'T' sound - Printable Cards

My daughter has been learning how to read by learning the different sounds letters make. She has learnt the sounds "C", "D", "E", "S" and "X" make by using hands-on learning with objects and cards. A few months ago my daughter (4 yrs old) was interested in the "T" sound so I put together some cards and a little basket of objects that started with the sound "T". Here are some of the ways she used the cards. I will also share them as a free printable too.

Once I had put together the basket with the cards, I left the basket on her shelf. By doing this, I was giving her the opportunity to choose the activity herself and therefore, follow her lead.

So when she pulled out the basket, I supported her vocabulary development by with using the control cards (cards with pictures and words) and asking her what object she could see on the cards. We also listened to the Jolly Phonics song for the "T" sound and emphasised this sound when saying the words.

My daughter went ahead and matched up the objects to the control cards. This was followed by matching the picture card and the word cards to the control cards. 

My daughter revisited this activity a number of times over a period of a few weeks. When she was ready, my daughter got out the basket of letters and started building words from the control cards. Although these words/objects were not simple three-letter words, which are the best words to start with, she was still building her awareness of sounds and letter recognition by doing this activity. The main focus was on the initial sound of the word.

My daughter extended her own learning beyond the cards by building the letter "T" out of blocks and cotton reels. It was wonderful to find her learning and exploring on her own. The printable Alphabet Lego cards that you can see in the picture below are from Wildflower Ramblings.

If you would like a copy of my cards, you can download them for FREE by clicking here

You can find other hands-on alphabet learning ideas and printables on my Early Learning Alphabet pinterst board.

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