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10+ ideas for learning about Letter C

After learning about the Letter A and the Letter B, I put together some learning resources for my daughter to explore the Letter C. In doing this, I made some printable Montessori inspired three part Letter 'C' cards to assist her in her learning. So here are the other activities my daughter has done to help her with learning how to read. 
Again I put together a little box of resources that would allow my daughter to choose at her own leisure.
In the box I put books that focus on the Letter C sound such as these, My 'c' book by Jane Belk Moncure, and Reading Eggs Alphabet 'c' book.
I also put in some picture books that we could read together as this is always one of the most special parts of our day. Scaredy Cat by Stuart Trotter and Clancy the Courageous Cow by Lachie Hume were two of our favourite books for finding Letter 'c'.
Because my daughter is only four years old, I saw no point in her learning both the Letter C and the Letter K together even though they have the same sound. So we listened to (a number of times) the Jolly Phonics song for the letter 'c'.
We put together a little tray of all the items we could find around our house that started with the Letter C sound.
We used items on this tray to match and spell with the Letter C printable cards I made.  You can read more about how we used these cards and download a FREE copy from here.
MY daughter practiced writing the Letter C, which according to her was too easy, by using a salt tray.
I used some cardboard to make a threading Letter C activity for my daughter. In doing this, she was practicing her fine motor skills while "writing" letter C.

My daughter explored simple CVC words that started with Letter C through these Shake and Make word game puzzles.
We explored the Letter C through paints.The first activity was simply using out letter C sponge and stamping the Letter C all over the paper. 

The second paint activity we did was using a candle to write the Letter C on paper then painting over it to see the hidden letter. 

There is so much that can be learn through cooking such as maths concepts (measurement and time). So keeping it all Letter C focused just for fun, we made some Letter C Carrot Cupcakes.
Although my daughter has not mastered her pronunciation of the Letter C sound yet (this is all normal for a 4year old), we played these speech focused games. This first one is just like bingo in that my daughter would pick up the card, say the word of the picture on the card and then place the card on the same picture that is on the board. This way she was hearing and saying the 'c' sound.
This second speech game is just like a board game. You start by rolling the dice and move your marker forward that many spaces saying the word/picture that you land on. So again, my daughter was practising saying the 'c' sound as well as hearing it. Both these speech game printables came from Adventures in Speech Pathology.  
Other activities such as play dough Letter C making and Eggy Alphabet ipad app were other activities that I was hoping my daughter would do but she wasn't interested.

If you would like to see more alphabet activity ideas, visit my pinterest board.

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