Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Exploring World Landmarks - FREE Printable Montessori World Landmark Cards

Geography has been a topic of interest around our home for the past few weeks so we have been exploring the Continent of Africa as well as discussions and reading all about Ancient Egypt. It was my son's interest in pyramids that led me to purchase the World Landmarks Safari toob from an Australian company, Mini Zoo. I also purchase Around the World Safari toob. This encouraged my son to not only explore the pyramids but also got him curious about other landmarks from around the world. Here are the hands-on ways that my children (including my young daughters) have learnt about world landmarks.  
When I first unpacked our Safari toobs, I placed them in a small basked for my children to explore. In doing this, I allowed their own curiosity to take over and questions to form and be asked. 
Originally, I had just added the landmark icons in the basket and later added the three part cards, which I will share links to later in this blog post. 

I made the first set of three part cards to match our World Landmark Safari toob we had purchased from Mini Zoo. My son worked with these cards and icons over a number of days, playing with them and matching the landmarks to the cards. 
Although my daughters are still very young (only four and two years old) they also engaged in this hands-on learning. They were able to used the cards however, as to not to overwhelm them, I only left them the first part of the cards (rather then all three parts) so they could easily match the icons.
For our Around the World toob that we had also purchased, I found matching three part cards from The Hands-On Homeschooler. Again my children loved discovering these new landmarks and learning their names, where they are located around the world and asked when could we visit them!
The Around the World Safari toob has a whole different set of world landmarks from different countries and continents and this was one reason why I had to have them both. 
 As my son is a visual learner, we pulled down our felt word map from the wall and used it to place our world landmarks on. This helped my son to see where around our world, these icons can be found.
It can be hard for young children to comprehend distances and the time that it would take to travel to these iconic landmarks around the world. But I may have inspired my children to become world travellers, who knows!
All of this hands-on learning and discussion about world landmarks got my son curious about the Arc de Triomphe. He used the Google maps app on the ipad to find where it was located and what it looked like. He then used the Google search engine to find out more information about the Arc de Triomphe before sitting down to draw it and write a few sentences about what he had just learnt. I love child-led learning!! 
You can now download a copy of my World Landmarks three part cards. I wonder where our next geography adventure will take us? Europe maybe? If you would like to see some more geography activity ideas, visit my pinterest board.

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  1. Thank you so much for the great post and cards! I'm sure they will be well used.

  2. We have a set of those landmarks too. The kids love them. But I see there are some other landmarks that we don't have!.... might need to check those out :) I really like the Moai Statue, the Sphinx and the buddha. They look fabulous.

    1. They are definitely worth children are still using them a month since we unpacked them!!

  3. Thank you for the printables! We have the toobs and these are perfect!

  4. I love the idea of just leaving the basket for children to explore and see what sparks their interest! It's a great method for introducing geography to kids. :-)

  5. Hello! I have just bought the first tube (7 figures) I am wondering if you also have the flashcards for the other site (which includes the empire state building etc)? Thank you