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FREE Printable - Initial 'c' three part cards

My daughter (4yrs) has just started learning how to read. She has been learning the name and sound of the Letter A and Letter B through a range of hands-on, sensory related activities. So when she started learning about the Letter C, I wanted to incorporate a Montessori approach to her learning. I am no expert on Montessori related learning but what I do know is that Montessori learning is a hands-on and child-directed approach and that is what caught my attention. 

I made these three part cards (or picture cards with words) that had the initial 'c' sound on them. So here are some of the hands-on learning activities that my daughter has done with them.
I presented these cards and a container full of items that matched these cards, in a little basket for my daughter to explore.
My daughter pulled out the cards out of the basket and as she 'read' them (using the pictures) we laid them out on her working space (her table). There was much discussion about the Letter C as she could see the letter on each card and every time she 'read' the card she was hearing the 'c' sound.
After shuffling the cards around, she then proceeded to take each item out of the basket, one at a time, and place it onto the matching card. As she did this, my daughter was using her pre-reading skills (by using the picture to 'read' the word), problem solving skills and conversation development as we talked about each item and which card it matched with.
To not overwhelm my daughter with to much 'new' information, I left her to play with the items and cards. 

On another day, I selected some of the cards that had simple three letter words (CVC words) on them such as car, cup, cat and cow. I then selected the  magnetic letters needed to spell the words on the cards and placed both the cards and the letters on a small tray. I demonstrated to my daughter how I matched the magnetic letters to the same letters that were on the cards to spell the word.
By doing this, I was able to show her that although we are only learning the initial 'c' sound, when letters are added together with other letters it makes a word!
What was really wonderful to see is how my daughter not only enjoyed these activities but she was selecting to repeat these activities on her own. I could also see that she was starting to understand the difference between letters and words.

If you would like to see some more alphabet activity ideas, visit my pinterest boards.

If you would like a copy of my cards, I have them available for you to download for free! Just click here

Happy learning!

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