Monday, 18 November 2013

10+ ways to play with Fractions

For the past three years, we have been using the Targeting Maths curriculum as a guide to learning maths concepts rather than a structured set of workbook activities. So when it came to the unit on fractions, we completed a few pages in the student workbook but continued to learn about fractions through play and everyday life. Here are a few ways that we have played with fractions. 

1. Everyday Fractions
When we first started learning fractions, we looked at whole, halves and quarters. The most practical way to reinforce these new fraction concepts were with food. We would practice our life-skills (using a knife) while reinforcing the concept of fractions each time we prepared food.  

2. Drawing Fractions
Using our trampoline as a drawing board, we would draw (with chalk) different shapes and divide the shapes into different fractions (halves and quarters). We would talk and verbally label the different fractions (two quarters, half etc) of the shape and would colour them in.

3. Painting Fractions
Painting engages so many senses that it is such a great learning tool. So we used paper plates and paint to make whole, halves and quarters. Our learning with paint didn't stop there. We painted some paper rolls to make whole, halves and quarters and hung them with our paper plates and labels, in our learning room. 

4. Wooden Fractions
I purchased this Fraction Board below and added it to our learning room. There was much curiosity among my children as they played and explored this puzzle further. Once my son was familiar with the puzzle, we used it to support some book work as he was able to tactically work through his page. In the picture below, he was worked out what a quarter of twenty-four was. 

 5. Montessori Fraction Cards
My son is a very hands-on learner and I have found that many of the Montessori learning resources suit his style of learning. I found these FREE Montessori Fraction Cards for my son to match and compare the different fractions. 

6. Fraction Matching Game
I purchased this Fun With Fractions Game for my son to select and play independently as it has self-correcting pieces. Although we had only been learning about whole, halves and quarters, my son had already grasped the concept of fractions and easily worked his way through two-eighth and four-twelfth part of the game.

7. Fraction Sorting Cards
Once I had seen my son had mastered bigger fractions I found these FREE Fraction Flash Cards that we used as another matching activity so we could talk about the new fractions. These fraction flash cards include 78 printable flashcards of all fractions from 1/1 to 12/12 so there is a lot more available than what is shown here.  

8. Matching more detailed Fractions
I found this FREE Fraction Match Up game that not only had the fraction in number form but also in word form. This really got my son thinking as he matched up the fraction cards of a whole as well as the fraction of a group.

9. More Matching Fraction Cards
I also found these FREE Fraction Match Card Game from one of my favourite blogs. What I liked about this card game is that it shows the fractions in different shapes so it really got my son thinking.

10. Cooking with Fractions
Another homeschooling mum shared her idea of making Choc Coconut Slice to assist in learning fractions. Not only did we learn about using different fractions to measure our ingredients, just as we had when we made Banana Bread, we also practiced our fractions when we cut up the slice and labeling our pieces.

11. Fraction Snap!
I found these FREE Fraction Cards that we cut up and have used to play a game of snap as well as a game of Memory and Go-Fish. As we each game with these cards, we call out the fraction that was on our card to reinforce our knowledge of fractions. 

12. Fraction Strip
I also found this FREE fraction strip that we have only just starting to explore. Each piece is colour coded which allows you to explore the different ways you can make a whole. 

Like everything, learning fractions is not a once off activity. It is something that can be practiced through life as well as through play. You just have to find the fractions that occur in your everyday life and lead your children in discussion about fractions. For example, this KitKat chocolate bar (below) had all the right elements for practicing fractions so my son and I discussed half and quarters as we ate the chocolate bar. 

For more fun, hands-on activity ideas for learning about fractions, visit my pinterest board.

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