Tuesday, 2 July 2013

More Place Value Ideas - FREE printable

Since my blog post on Learning About Place Value we have taken our learning of numbers to a new level. Learning is not always about putting pen to paper as learning can happen when you least expect it. Take Ipad games for example. I must admit that I have always been skeptical about what learning (if any) occurs when playing different media related games such as iPad, Wii, play station, Xbox. However, my son has taught me that learning DOES occur and here is an example of how.

My son has been interested in the Ipad game Real Racing 3. Real Racing 3 involves a lot of maths and here are the maths concepts that are being learnt when playing this game:
  1. Ordinal numbers - this game is all about racing and what place you come in the race
  2. Reading 2 and 3 digit numbers - the driver levels (96), how many cars there are in the race, the number of tokens (73) that are continually being collected per race
  3. Money - accumulated reward money for every time you win the race which you can then purchase car repairs as well as other cars to race 
  4. Time - the seconds/minutes it takes you to race and how long it takes to 'repair' the car
  5. Measurements - the distance you have traveled (in meters/kilometers), how fast you are traveling (kph) and the length of the circuit you are racing

Other subject that are being learned here include reading, coordination, geography (country flags are used for different race teams) as well as social skills (believe it or not) as my son and his friends work together to play and share the game between themselves. This is learning, not in the 'traditional' form but it is still learning.   

The continual playing of this game reinforces the different maths concepts that were being used. I did noticed that my son was attempting to read different numbers from this game that were going into the thousands and tens of thousands. So I made the following activity to support and encourage his desire to learn these numbers as he played his game. 

To start with, I introduced the template (shown above) using our blocks as we had when we were learning about place value. We then used the template together with our place value number cards to 'build' our numbers that we could see on the game. We looked at how many ones/tens/hundreds we had and recorded the number in the bottom squares before we practiced saying it. This template can be adjusted to suit the child's ability as well as to challenge them.

At the end of each race, on Real Racing 3, my son uses the chart and cards to work out the amount of money he has acquired for that race and whether or not he has enough money for repairs or for purchasing another car.

There is no time limit on learning how to count these large numbers so for now, as long as this holds his interest, we will simply just keep on playing and practicing reading big numbers. I have also made an addition card that you can also download and use together with our place value chart.

You can download a copy of our Place Value Game and Addition Card by clicking on the highlighted link. For more place value learning activity ideas, visit my Maths- Place Value pinterest board.

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  1. Nice! :)

    How do you store all your homemade manipulatives like this one?
    I never did get a really good system, other than sticking it all into a plastic binder page.

    1. Hi Catherin, I generally use zip-lock bags to hold small resources (like this one) in before placing them into a plastic box that is accessible to my children.

  2. Hi Suzie,

    Thanks for your great blog, I've been reading for awhile now and it's always helpful with my toddler :)

    I've just referenced you on my websites blog (www.bitzabox.com.au) as a great place to visit for maths games at home - http://www.bitzabox.com.au/fun-activities-for-kids-blog.html

    Let me know if you want to me to remove your link.

    Keep up the good work


    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thank you for referencing and sharing my blog on your website! I am very honoured. I'll hope over and have a look at your website.
      Thanks again,