Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Exploring the Letter P

Pink, ponies, popcorn and piggies are just some of my daughters favourite things. Taking her area of interest, here are some of the play-based learning activities we have done while exploring the letter P. 

We started our learning about the letter P with a sensory tray. We used food colouring to make some pink rice (we also had some yellow rice too) and added letter P stencils, some ponies, people and a piggy to our sensory tray and began exploring.

We read through our book called My 'P' Book from My First Steps to Reading and found all the things that start with the letter P. We have read this book a number of times while we explored the letter P. We continued our reading with Blossom Possum by Gina Newton and Kilmeny Niland. We used our pink flashcard to find all the letter 'p' in the book each time we read it.

We used this fantastic My Little Pony Printables to explore how the letter P is written. My daughter selected which pages from the printable pack she wanted to do. She started with the playdough mat and made the letter P from playdough. My daughter also enjoyed more pony activities from the My Little Pony Printables such as this counting puzzle. 

We explored the early maths concept of floating and sinking by taking our ponies for a 'bath' in the sink. My daughter was able to predict which pony she thought would sink and which ones she thought would float then conduct her 'experiment' to see if her predictions were correct. 

We used these articulation cards from Adventures in Speech Pathology to play matching pairs. Each picture on the cards starts with the initial 'p' sound which we practice saying as we match the pair of cards together. We also play a game of memory with the cards by turning them over (picture hidden) and took turns at turning them over and matching them up. We used this articulation board game to continue practicing the initial 'P' sounding words. We used our pony and piggy as our markers and practice our counting as we move spaces.  

We discovered that popcorn started with our 'p' sound so we made some. A little slip up found popcorn kernels all over our kitchen floor (I dropped the kernels!) which allowed for some fine motor practice as my daughters got busy picking up the kernels. They loved it! We made a popcorn sensory tray and added our ponies and piggy as we ate our popcorn.  

We found a modelling balloon kit and was experimenting with making different things when my daughter ask to make a letter P out of her pink balloon. I love when learning happening when you least expect it!

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