Sunday, 14 April 2013

Exploring the Letter L

We have been exploring the Letter L over the last few days and here are some of the resources and activities my daughter (3yrs) has done while learning about the Letter L.

My daughters favourite book is titled Too Loud Lily written by Sofie Laguna and illustrated by Kerry Argent. I have lost count how many times I've read this book but each time we read it, my daughter uses our lion flashcard to identify all the letter L words she can 'read' in the book. By doing this, she is building an awareness of how letters join together to make  words.

I created a letter L sensory tray for my daughter to play with. Together, we searched the toy box for anything that started with the letter L. We found lions, lots of letter L's (puzzle pieces and magnets), Lemon meringue doll and some letter L stencils. We also found a lemon in the fruit bowl. My daughter really enjoys sensory play as she engages in imaginary play by telling stories and making up funny songs as she plays.

Because we already knew that the word lion starts with the letter L, we made a letter L lion out of paper. I found this idea from Totally Tots. I drew the letter L, lion legs and face on a yellow piece of paper and cut it out for my daughter to stick together. She then drew the tail and mane on.

I found these printable letter identification sheets from Over The Big Moon which gave my daughter another opportunity to use dot-markers and for me to see her understanding of the letter L. This activity encourages letter recognition, fine motor development, hand-to-eye coordination while the colour engages the visual senses.

As we are learning about a letter, we try to find and label all the things in our environment that start with that letter sound. While we were at the park, we found some leaves and brought them home. I gathered the leaves together with a rubber band to use as a paint brush then we made some lime coloured paint and began painting. This was a very sensory-rich painting experience.

I was inspired by Live Craft Eat to make my own lacing letter L. I used an old cardboard box and cut out the letter shape then used a hole-puncher to make some wholes big enough to thread wool through. My daughter loved it straight away and made this her own activity by adding rainbow colours to it with textures. Fine motor skills were built as she coloured in the letter L and then threaded it with wool. We used a folded pipe-cleaner as a 'needle' to make threading easier.

We used leaves again for another letter L craft but this time we did a leaf-print. This was very tricky for my daughter to hold and colour so we did this one together. 

I love when one activity leads to another which is what happened with our leaves. We played with the early maths concept of size that being big, medium and small. I encouraged my daughter to order the leaves from largest to smallest before we made the leaves into a letter L shape.

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